About Us

Wheel Easy Escapes believes there is an extreme shortage of holiday places that adequately meets the needs of all people. This comes from personal experience and has been the driving force behind this project.

The Founder of Wheel Easy Escapes Tanya, has a physical disability and belongs to a relatively small section of the community. Regardless of this, her desires and needs are no different from able bodied people who, she understands, experience minimal obstacles to enjoy a much deserved break away.

Living with a disability can severely limit spontaneity. This is particularly true when people with disabilities and mobility restrictions want to enjoy a break from the every day routine.

Opportunities to enjoy a holiday have been limited throughout Tanya’s life, due to the lack of accessible accommodation. As a child, her family holidays were normally spent at the same location each year as her family knew this place was suitable for her wheelchair. Now in Tanya’s adult life, booking a holiday has been almost impossible. Bookings are often required months in advance and the stress of not knowing the suitability often outweighs the experience of a holiday.